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Reiki is a natural healing method that promotes health & wellness. It is energy healing that allows your energy (ki) to flow at it's best. The Usui system is the method of Reiki that I use. The Usui system is the original method of Reiki. It is a simple & gentle, yet powerful technique. Reiki complements both western and eastern medicine.

** Reiki services are requested at many hospitals, medical clinics, and hospice centers.

The excellent benefits of Reiki: stress relief, pain relief, deep relaxation, improved health & wellness, increases energy, brings mind, body, & spirit into alignment, provides clarity, heightens self awareness, helps break stuck patterns, more inner peace & happiness, reduces the use of pain medication, improves relationships, enhances & strengthens your spiritual practice, receive energetic nourishment (hope, strength, love), maximizes your potential, a great meditation practice, more positivity, fosters personal growth, accelerates the healing process, and great for people who want self improvement.

RATE: $100 / Hour


Reiki Readings are intuitive readings to help bring clarity, understanding & healing to situations that are occurring in the here & now. Readings are done with an interactive style & guided by Reiki. Reiki Works believes working through present issues, helps open the golden gate to move into new opportunities & the opening of new doors in your life.

Clarity > Understanding > Healing > Transformation

RATE: $120 Flat Fee

Reiki WorksFeng Shui

Feng Shui is a Chinese art that brings balance, harmony, and maximized energy (chi/ki) flow into your surrounding environment. Feng Shui achieves this by balancing the five elements in your environment. The five elements are metal, water, fire, wood, & earth. The technique also balances energies with the placement of furniture in the space and use of colors.

The use of the Bagua can also help to enhance certain areas of life: wealth & abundance, family, knowledge & self-cultivation, fame & reputation, health, career, love & relationships, children & creativity, and helpful people & benefactors.

BTB is the type of Feng Shui that I do.  It is the modern form of Feng Shui.  BTB is cost effective, fits a lot of people's style in their home/ office easily (for cures), and works with energy flow and setting intentions.  Your setting of intentions are more powerful than anything.

Your surrounding environment whether it's your home or office is your biggest investment. It is also the place where you spend a lot of your time and hold a lot of your energy. It should be a place that energizes and supports your productivity. When you have good Feng Shui in your surrounding environment it simply feels good to be there!

"Houses are made with walls and beams, homes are made with love and dreams..."

$90 / Per Room

$360 Whole House
Businesses estimated price based on square footage

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Let the healing begin!

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